Black Box Equities partners with investors to provide them with great turnkey rental houses. We also partner with investors to do fix & flips, where we acquire, renovate, and sell homes with their financial backing. Additionally, our investors may often chose to make a return by Lending Capital for the renovations we do on our Residential and Commercial projects.

We specialize in every facet of a project’s life-cycle: we acquire a distressed house for dramatically less than its market value, renovate it with local licensed contractors, arrange for its professional management, see that it’s rented to a good tenant, and then hand over the whole operation for our investor to hold and collect rent from. We have connections to banks which will refinance our investors’ money as well, so they may build their portfolios quickly.

Our operation poses several benefits to an investor who wants buy and hold houses without tending to the minutia the pursuit requires. Along with our partners, we have done over 3,300 deals, so our acquisitions team has finely honed its ability to get houses for rock-bottom prices. We employ the licensed contractors who renovate our houses full-time, so they happily lower their usual rates in exchange for our guarantee of steady work. We get bulk rates on our materials, so our renovations are less costly than a smaller operation can achieve. The rate at which we employ our property managers leads to a similar discount on their services; we work directly with our property managers’ top brass, so we receive quick results from them. Finally, our experience with the markets in which we operate ensures that our investors are putting their money in areas which promise a sunny future.

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