If you are interested in buying rental property and becoming a landlord, consider one of our turnkey investment properties. Because we only use a combined 75 percent of a house’s market value to purchase and renovate a property, many traditional lenders, including those in the immediate vicinities of our offices, are willing to finance the purchase of one of our cash flowing, turnkey rentals.

Each of the houses that are part of our rental inventory is truly a turnkey property, meaning your tenants will be able to step right into the home without you experiencing any down, non-revenue producing time.

Join the investors who are already enjoying the financial benefits that our positive cash flow properties can provide in terms of regularly-paid, monthly income and higher than average rates of return. We have contractors, property managers, inspectors, CPAs, and attorneys ready to help make your dream of being a landlord come true!

Contact us today to learn more about buying a rental property, becoming a landlord, or any of the houses in our inventory! You can call at 623-866-5548, email at info@blackboxequities.com, or complete our contact form for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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