If you are tired of seeing your IRA or 401k underperform in this current, challenging economic climate, you’re not alone.  We work with individuals from all over the country and around the world who are interested in private money lending.  With our trust deed investing program, our investors benefit from a better rate of return over the course of their six month commitments.

Our program works because our private money lenders retain first position lien rights, meaning their investments are secured by the properties we buy.  Whether we are buying rental property to add to our inventory or for one of our clients, we only buy in areas that have strong appraisal and resale values.  In other words, we don’t buy homes in “war zones.”  As a result, we always have an exit strategy available to ourselves and our trust deed lenders.

Using funds provided by our trust deed lending program, we purchase and renovate properties using no more than a total of 75% of a property’s value.  Since most traditional lenders will finance 75% of a home’s value, we pay our private money lenders back when we refinance a property with a traditional lender or sell the property to a private party.  Using only 75% of a house’s value also enables us to sell a property quickly in a “fire sale” if we need to liquidate our position and our investors’ quickly.

If you are interested in becoming a landlord to collect regular, monthly income instead of being a passive investor in real estate, we can help.  We have been buying rental property below market prices for years and currently have several properties in our inventory.  Our turnkey investment properties have been rehabilitated to exceed rental requirements and we conduct thorough checks of every one of our prospective tenants’ rental histories.

If you would like to learn more about private money lending opportunities or the positive cash flow properties we currently have for sale, please contact us today or fill out our contact form.  You can call us at: 651-789-5386.  We can also be reached at the following email address: info@blackboxequities.com.  We look forward to helping you earn a higher than average rate of return on your money!


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